From the beginning of time, people have banded together against one another, each humiliating the other, and over the course of time, animals have learned all the skills of humanity. Lionel and Jakub create unrealistic renditions of this in small format, providing comic testimony about our lives. Enjoy newspaper illustrations, (Le Monde, Illustration Weekly) books, posters and more, plus a reading room with books by Tabook guests and a few additional pictures to boot. 
Galerie U Radnice
Fri and Sat: 10–12 / 13–20e
Sun: 10–12 / 13–16
Manuel Marsol brings back great stories though simple picture books chock full of illustrations. Tales inspired by Moby Dick, Japanese horrors and westerns are retold in new ways with new hyperbole.
Jednota & Antikvariát /Antique shop
Open to at least 18:00


The linking element between this Belgian intellectual’s diverse array of books and his illustrations is inspiration gleaned from modern art history and the humor and joy with which Etienne works and which gives rise to some surprising results.
Open to 00:00
Amos Kennedy is a printer from Detroit who prints simple, compelling messages. Sometimes his letters protrude from vibrantly colored posters, sometimes they dance rhythmically on an empty page. Amos Kennedy has fun printing but he is more than happy to do a bit of provoking too.
Kateřina and Eva are not biological sisters. They are sisters in embroidery. Sisters in a slow activity. Slow down, too, and have a look at their stitchwork and embroidered pictures full of inspiration from daily life.
Special guest: Anna Mengerová
Střelnice – The Reading Nest
Linocuts of the illustrator from Leipzig have appeared at various places around the old and new town. Walk around and enjoy them in series, or rush passed them, recalling years later the frightened look of the bearded man imprisoned within his own fear.
In the streets of Tábor


Tired and weary-eyed from all the visuals? Close your eyes, turn on your ears and give yourself up to the sound of the human voice. Authors usually speak to their readers indirectly through pictures. In Audioxao they speak, comment, sing, make noise or otherwise express themselves through sound.
XAO curator
Divadlo Oskara Nedbala / Oskar Nedbal Theater
Point Jaune is located in an old post office building from 1898. It is a place of pataphysical gatherings and a nest of resistance. This is where The Weekly Sheet is typeset and printed, this is where people come with their news. Newspapers and posters that serve - you will see what end.
Střelnice – small hall
You surely guess what you will see looking through a knothole in a wooden fence. But you cannot imagine reality’s metamorphosis when you look through the peephole of the building in Tismenický valley.
Voyeur (Cesta)
City, Streets - buildings and sidewalks, facades ad boxes and show cases, these are the subjects and spaces where objects of city life are photographed. These pictures capture details of urban still-lifes and what might be called “urban archetypes”. On display in mid-street, they unobtrusively focus attention on the things we pass daily without notice.
Pražská and Palackého Street
As painstakingly as a tattoo artist, point by point, Vojtěch Kovařík builds his large scale linocuts.
From a distance, lines blend together to form murky, black and white pictures.
Tattoo studio Hatumoa
Illustrations to Věra Jirousová’s book appear compositionally like shots cut from a film. Places and people resurrected from the depths of never-printed chronicles - the peep of distant times.
What is beautiful? What is functional? What changes? What remains?
What is original? What is convincing? What should we elevate?
How should we answer these question with regard to books published in 2018?
Presenting the 54th year of the prestigious guild contest organized by The Museum of Czech Literature...
Galerie Ambit 
10–12 / 12:30–17