This exhibition presents one of the most outstanding graphic artists on the contemporary German art scene.

Daily events captured in woodcuts are densely packed, and color in the black and white prints has been replaced by multitudinous structures. The convoluted, bare reality of the city is optically refined, and the figures, places and streets are all intimately familiar to the artist. A continuation in the invisible exhibition series entitled “The New Realists”...
Galerie Divadla Oskara Nedbala


Real pictures on fake walls, illusions on illusions, surface narratives against an interior backdrop. Experiences of nature painted in stripes on the ceiling join the walls together and the roof leaks, sometimes for real, sometimes it’s just paint.

Jakub Bachorík
Kristýna Fingerlandová
Michaela Kukovičová
Hans Lichtenwagner
Nikola Logosová
Lucie Lučanská
Ester Nemjó
Rebeka Lukošus
Magdalena Rutová
Tereza Říčanová
Tereza Šiklová
Kotone Utsunomiya
Chrudoš Valoušek
Eva Volfová

A renaissance of picture books for adults and children. An exhibition of the latest picture books plus a few exceptions. Sketches, extended illustrations, and improvisation.
The Unbelievable and the Grotesque, Mythical Family History, A World of Dreamy Shop Windows, Catastrophes, The City at Night, Mrs. Jířa on Friendship, The Shooting Range, Who are We? The Clever Octopus and Cleaning Up the World, The Cow and the Reborn Forest, Infinity Infinity Infinity, Monkey, It’s Us, Tangible Line – stroke – scar.


Three studios of illustration and graphic art from three metropolises present themselves in top form after a long quarantine.
Enter Jesus Corona in the 87th minute.
Three studios of illustration from Prague, Berlin and Bratislava take part in this year’s Tabook (UMPRUM, UDK, VŠVU).
Divadlo kavárna, Truhlárna, Trafačka, Střelnice

Barbora Satranská
Bim Eriksson
Clara Chotil
Elena Pagliani
Katarzyna Miechowicz
Léopold Prudon
Lisa Ottenburgh
Lode Herregods
Lucie Lučanská
Marco Quadri
Mia Oberländer
Omar Cheikh

12 comic book authors, one journey through the countryside of Sudetenland, many tales, but one common history. A lively mix of narrative styles by authors from various corners of Europe. What don’t you see at first glance? What remains to be discovered? (The exhibition is part of the European project Invisible Lines).


Almost everyone collects something.
For their own specific needs and reasons, or just for the process of collecting. But Mrs. K. has collected the most of all.
Truhlárna a přilehlá místa

Nikola Hoření is an illustrator from Prague who was born in 1989. She studied at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle. She gained wide recognition for her “animated” book If Only! and has spent the last few years intensively and prolifically drawing books for children which are published by Meander.


Papel Picado (perforated paper) is a living Mexican folk art. As much as 50 pieces of tissue paper are stacked and perforated at once using special hammers and various designs of cloth. There are scores of topics and hundreds of designs to choose from, it costs next to nothing to make and can be used for all sorts of gatherings and celebrations; it is common to see people cutting them out on the streets. On the Day of the Dead, papel picado is everywhere. On symbolic graves and altars, in shops and restaurants, on squares and in streets, hung on long lines from house to house high above the heads of pedestrians. And on almost every one, there is an image of death. Death and skeletons continue in their favorite activities, sitting at tables, drinking wine, eating fruit, dancing and singing, playing football, and having a great time.

This prolific French illustrator carves images into linoleum and draws, and the scope of her work is enormous – there is little that remains untouched by her lino cutters: fashion, fauna and flora, the seasons of the year, landscapes, houses, people... She dedicates special care to the towns and places she holds dear – New York, Paris, Ivry, even Tábor...

Bolognese author, Andrea Antinori was born in the small town of Recanati in 1992. A selection of her illustrations from recently published books is on display in Jednota. Books published by Corraini include Is this a Moose? (2015), A Book About Whales (2016), Christ’s Entry into Brussels (2017), Santa Lucia (2018), The Great Battle (2019), On the Lives of Lemurs (2020), The Orange Tree (2021). Antinori’s stories and drawings are light, clever and funny.

A short silent film about a solitary man who befriends a fly, his cigarettes, and cigarette smoke. You’re never alone with a cigarette was the slogan on boxes of Croatian York cigarettes, and used to appear in the same place warnings about the risks of smoking appear now.

Extract, deposit, count, mark, take apart, slice, crush. And somewhere along the chain of events, an asystemic disruption. For a split second, the utilitarian machinery pauses. But after the brief hesitation, the harvesters return to their work, faithfully fulfilling the self-fulfilling prophecy: there was never anything to begin with, so away with it!

Exhibition – Galerie Na Schodišti, Municipal Library, Tábor, September 1 – 18. Dive into the ocean, walk through an antique labyrinth, discover the human brain, or explore the secrets of mushrooms. All you need is a book for young readers by some of the best Polish authors who write about design, outer space, architecture, national parks, bees, music, trees, and human inventions. They all have one thing in common: beautiful illustrations and original content that is entertaining for kids and parents alike. Children can take part in a competition by answering the questions written on the panels – for each correct answer there is a book prize!
With a focus on “books of discovery,” it is only natural there be a quiz as well. Kids can solve the questions “just for fun” or fill out a form either online via QR a code or on paper to win books.
Organizers: The Polish Institute in Prague, the Polish Book Institute – Instytut Książki

We’ve known for a long time that kids can do it the best. (At least artists have known that since the beginning of the last century). Linocut posters promoting the best of the countryside – no idyll – just hard work by tough kids!

Posters for past events.
Birthdays are the best excuse to have a good time, go to a party, celebrate or just sit with friends.

Comics publishing house from Ljubljana presents a selection of posters and zines printed on silkscreen and risograph.


An exhibition of photography at the Šechtl a Voseček Museum.
For this exhibition, Marie Michaela Šechtlová and her team have selected some highly personal images, many of which have never before been published or exhibited. With her we can peek into the family album of her grandfather, Josef Jindřich Šechtl.

For Tabook, Tábor’s own Hussite Museum has joined forces with other museums from around South Bohemia to present their editorial activity to the public. Museums are some of the top publishers of specialized high-quality literature, and their publications represent a valuable source of information in the respective fields and scope of each individual institution. Museums publish catalogs that accompany displays and exhibitions, historical and regional publications, yearbooks, compendia, books about art, nature, ethnography, and many other topics.
Rajský dvůr a Galerie Ambit