THURSDAY 29th September - SATURDAY 1st October 2016




Tabook is an international festival of small and medium-sized publishers (, which takes place in Tabor, the Czech Republic. This year, the fifth year, we are starting on Thursday, 29th September, and finishing on Saturday, 1st October. During the festival days we offer a rich programme for general public like author readings, displays, concerts, children programme, theatre etc. Also, however, we provide a profession-oriented festival focused on authors, publishers and book-sellers, teachers, librarians and the others from the world of books. Traditionally, we organise various readings, meetings, lectures, conferences, and, first and foremost, friendly get-togethers with Czech and international (mostly European) publishers, through which you will be enabled some space and time for possible future collaboration on several levels.

More than 70 Czech and foreign publishers, various authors connected with the art of book, art schools studios specialized in books and illustrations, book professionals present their work not only in the main premises of Tabook festival: Sýpka (book market in the old brewery), but also in whole center Tabor. Tabook occupies town buildings and other places: galleries, museums, streets, building of old electricity substation, theatre as well as cafés, pubs and clubs … Tabook occupies Tabor with book culture. Come and occupy with us!


Tabook Programme  a shorter version of what might be attractive for foreign visitors


Thursday, 29th September


20:30, in Baobab (Pražská 157)

Linostock, Apokalypsa

Madla Rutova and Stanislav Setinský preview

Linostock is a linocut bank full of pictures and images for everyday use. A big game flirting with business and personal bankruptcy. Start perceiving the images of this world in details, descriptions and prices!

Apokalypsa is a retold cycle of events you have definitely heard of and the photos of which you have definitely seen!


Friday, 30th September


16:00 Installations and their authors in Sýpka (Hradební 3037)

Light, paper, colour

Knife, scissors, stylus

Gerard lo Monaco How do pop-up books originate? Thorough patternmaking work from the hands of theatremaker, scenographer, designer, editor... A man who he has seen and done a lot.

Andrea Dezsö  Visual artist, of Hungarian origin, who grew up in Romania and lives in New York. She makes drawings, paintings, artist’s books, cut paper, embroidery, sculpture, installation, animation and large-scale murals. Expanding illustrations. Versatile woman.

Stephanie Schilling Woodblocks filled with motives that remind us of the evanescence of earthly life. She paints, draws, dreams, believes.

Kateřina Černá Her work is womanly delicate. Through her illustrations she tells us stories. Outstanding Czech painter and graphic artist.

Start in Sýpka Café


17:30 Twelve lullabies in Sýpka Café (Hradební 3037)

A collection of twelve lullabies in a paper box! Nontraditional publication for the smallest hands. 11 out of 12 authors present, accompanied by amateur women-only choir ŽAS. 


18:00 Tereza Říčanová & Kitty Crowther

Preview in U Radnice Gallery (Koželužská 140)

Tereza Říčanová draws, paints and writes. She observes the world around: cycle of seasons, the life of her family, light and colours in the scenery… Pure reality does not exist. Everything is clothed in colours, manifold shapes and full of stories, humour and secret.

Kitty Crowther is the author of 40 picture books for children. Her imaginative and compassionate books originated in modern books (Lobell, Jansson), but also in the world of fairytales and myths. She is inspired by beetles, jellyfish, mushrooms…clouds and lights… She would have become a biologist, if she wasn’t an artist.


19:00 at C.E.S.T.A. Ctiborův mlýn (Novákova 387)

 Andrea Dezsö Preview (in Gallery Voyeur)

Andrea, a visual artist, is of Hungarian origin, grew up in Romania and lives in New York. She makes drawings, paintings, artist's books, cut paper, embroidery, sculpture, installation, animation and large-scale murals.

… followed by Moja reč!  - author, microphone, images

Miroslav Šašek Foundation Awards

Marina Cedro will sing…

DJ’s will play…

We will all eat…

…all at one place!


20:00 Concert: Živé kvety at Pivnice u Lva (Žižka Square 16)

21:00 Concert: Fylosofy Jam


20:00 Trafostanice (Dobrovského 752)

Václav Tvarůžka, Čeněk Folk, Jan Kašpar

Preview of three authors – photographs, books, interactive installations


Saturday, 1st October


11:00 Rose Garden and the Artists of Kind Heart in Baobab (Pražská 157)

Anna Šimková and Pavel Konečný lecture


11:30 Tereza Říčanová & Kitty Crowther (Galerie U radnice, Koželužská 140)

Commented tour around their exhibition


14:00 How does a good publishing house survive these days (Sýpka Café, Hradební 3037)

Delphine la Sardine, Art Map, Xaoxax…Once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a Parisian bookseller: what is it like to have a bookstore in Paris? And Czech booksellers who do it in a different way: can such bookstores survive?

 Discussion, projections


15:30 Kuk, pop, maps and other curiosities (Sýpka Café, Hradební 3037)

Csimota from Hungary, Hélium from France, Dwie Siostry from Poland

…about books for kids with our guests


19:00 This and that (Sýpka Café, Hradební 3037)

Illustrators in action!


20:00 Concert: Banana Split, Sakra Buraja (Pivnice u Lva, Žižka Square 16)


21:00 WRONG #1 party (Trafostanice, Dobrovského 752)

CatHunter, Trauma, Hayen_ elastic structure

Electronic music



Sunday, 2nd October


10:30 A walk around Tabook exhibitions