Foreign guests

Adij Ljuca

Ana Pêgo

Hugo Rocci

Jean-Luc Fromental

After ten years publishing fiction, introducing such authors as Stephen King to French readers, Jean-Luc Fromental moved on to his all-time favorite field : comics, or bande dessinée. He worked first as a critic for the French daily Le Matin de Paris, then as editor for cult publisher Les Humanïdes Associés, where he published Will Eisner's A Contract With God – regarded by many as the very first modern graphic novel. He eventually became editor-in-chief of Métal Hurlant, their flagship magazine.

IIn the late 80s, he added scriptwriting to his list of activities, mostly for animation, TV and films. Meanwhile, he continued to toy with literature, editing short books just to keep in touch with the Old Masters – works like Stevenson's The Merry Men, Rudyard Kipling's unpublished war letters to his son John, or Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales.

In 2003, he started his own adult comics imprint : Denoël Graphic, devoted to the exploration of common ground between prose and graphic narration. Among the sixty-odd authors he has published to date appear ground-breaking artists such as Robert Crumb, Posy Simmonds or Alison Bechdel. The next book to be released this fall in his collection is the French version of Svatá Barbora by Czech authors Marek Šindelka,Vojtěch Mašek and Marek Pokorný.

As an author, Fromental has penned more than forty books, from novels to travel writing, from children's books (including 10 with artist Joëlle Jolivet) to graphic novels. His more recent publications are Le Coup de Prague (The Prague Coup), a spy thriller drawn by Miles Hyman, and De l'autre côté de la frontière, a noir story with Belgian artist Philippe Berthet.

As for his work in animated films, Loulou L'incroyable secret, a full-length feature for which he created the screenplay, won the Cesar for Best animation film in 2014. His latest screen event was released September 2019 : an adaptation of Dino Buzzati's The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily, directed by graphic artist Lorenzo Mattotti.

He lives and works in Paris.

Kotone Utsunomiya

Marta Dzido

Milorad Pejić

Saki Matsumoto

Stipan Tadic

Stipan Tadic was born in Zagreb, in 1986. He finished his MA in Painting graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2011. He had his first solo show in 2009 and from then on he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. He has been doing murals in public spaces from 2012, both in Croatia and abroad. In 2014 he published his first comic book titled Parisian Nightmares. He is the co-organizer of the Biennial exhibition of Antisalon and he has been leading several curatorial projects. Tadic is the recipient of several awards, domestic and international. Currently, he is a 2020 MFA candidate at the Columbia University School of Arts, New York.

Home guests

Adéla Petruželková

Alice Koubová

Elsa Aids

Ing. Milan Kostelník

Jakub Řehák

Jakub Zeman

Jaroslav Čechura

Jiří Pelán

Jiří Pelán

Josef Hrdlička

Katka Soustružníková

Květoslava Podhradská

Mária Hušová

Mariana Machová

Marie Rakušanová

Martin Kuriš

Martin Ryšavý

Nikola Beljajevová

Nina Rutová

Pavel Martinec

Silvia Matúšová

Tomáš Míka

Václav Magid

Věra Duždová Horváthová